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The Community Health Center Movement
Community Health Centers strive to be recognized as leaders in primary health care delivery, and aim to develop and maintain bipartisan legislative champions to support both state and federal funding. Grassroots advocates are critical to ensuring policymakers understand the local impact of health centers in our community.

Our Current Priority: Fix the Fiscal Cliff
 Today, Community Health Centers face a challenge unlike any other we have experienced in our history.  Federal funding for Community Health Centers expired on September 30, 2017, creating “The Fiscal Cliff”. Health Centers across the nation face a devastating 70% cut in federal grant funds if Congress doesn’t act soon. Left unresolved, the fiscal cliff will likely lead to closure of 2,800 health center sites and a loss of access to care for more than 9 million patients nationwide, including 30,000 in Wisconsin.

Despite voicing support for Community Health Centers, our elected officials have failed to act on behalf of these vital community resources. Being vocal about your support for Health Centers matters now more than ever. Contact your representatives and tell them that #HealthComesFirst and it’s time to #FixTheCliff!

Get Involved
Communicating with elected officials is only one part of advocacy.  Educating our community, soliciting positive media attention and registering people to vote are all essential elements of
effective advocacy.

In addition, advocates aim to:

  • Recruit new Community Health Center supporters;
  • Participate in advocacy-related activities, such as making a phone call to a legislative office,
    responding to an online Action Alert, leading a health center tour, or writing a letter to the editor;
  • Participate in legislative activities, such as open meetings and town hall forums; and
  • Introduce elected officials to community health centers in their area.

SIGN UP to be a Health Center Advocate and you will receive timely updates about issues or legislation impacting your local Community Health Center and access to health care.  Action Alerts will allow you to easily contact your elected officials to voice your opinion about important issues.  Be sure to list Progressive Community Health Centers as your health center connection so we can stay in touch with you, too!